Where There Be Dragons

Experience North America


Director, Director of Photography, Editor

This is my new favorite documentary. One part Dragons, one part Arian Tomar Productions, and all parts environmental justice. It was incredibly humbling to return to British Columbia and share the power of the old growth rainforests with this bright group of students. As a video production intern, this was where I got to incorporate my perspective as a filmmaker and I think that each of the interns’ videos reflect the diversity of Dragons experiences. The biggest message from this video is that there is so much to learn about where we call home and that adventure is never far away when you are learning.

Day in the Life


Editor, Videographer

Four video production interns, three continents, two videos, and one unforgettable experience. My summer internship with Where There Be Dragons culminated in this short documentary that puts the audience into the heart of the Dragons experience. I coordinated with my intern team to compile a terabyte of data from three different locations onto one drive so that I could edit the final video. This was a phenomenal experience and I am very happy with how the final products turned out.