One World

ONE WORLD: Reimagined

May 2022

Director of Photography, Editor

One World is a Pearson College tradition where students organize performances that uplift global cultures to unify our one world. This year, due to the pandemic, One World was reimagined and turned into a video project. My regional day footage contributed to this new vision of unity and community.

MESACANA Regional Day

March 2022

Director, Director of Photography, Editor

This regional day celebrates the cultures from the Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia, and North African regions of the world. This was a special regional day for me because it was the last one of my Pearson experience. Be sure to check out the Hi Baby series I made to promote this cultural event.

APAC Regional Day

December 2021

Director, Director of Photography, Editor

This regional day celebrates cultures from Asia and the Pacific Islands. It was touching to see Southeast Asia being represented and uplifted because of this event. Leading up to the regional day, I led a workshop discussing the history of the Hmong people in the United States and helped raise awareness of minority groups within the Asian community.

North America Regional Day

October 2021

Director, Director of Photography, Editor

North American Regional Day gave many students an opportunity to discuss the intersectionality of identity. For me and my other Third Culture Kid peers born in North America, this was a day to celebrate intercultural visibility and to look back on North America’s history of oppressing foreign and Indigenous identities.