Climate Action Shorts


June 2022
-Youth Climate Activism Award Winner


Director, Director of Photography, Editor

MORE THAN WE KNOW reflects on my experience in climate action filmmaking. This retrospective outlines aspects of my creative philosophy while recounting key moments in my filmmaking journey thus far. Revisiting my previous work with a more developed documentary style benefitted me when I was being considered for a Youth Climate Activism Award.

10,000 Wasted Lakes

July 2021
-Videos for Change Global Competitor


Director, Director of Photography, Editor

10,000 Wasted Lakes expands on themes I explored in Canaries of the Coast by exploring local impacts of climate change in Minnesota. I also got more exposure to the world of festivals and film competitions. This is a prime example of what I call an “inertia project” which is something made to sustain creative energy above all else.

Canaries of the Coast

June 2021
-First Place Student Innovation Challenge Winner
-Second Place Let’s Talk About Water International Youth Film Festival Winner

Producer, Co-Director, Director of Photography, Editor

Canaries of the Coast looks at the pollution of Pedder Bay in Vancouver Island and expands outwards beyond the bay to raise awareness of climate issues across British Columbia. This was the first film I entered in festivals and it showed me the potential I had as a filmmaker. Without this film, I would not be the creator I am today.